Using Feedback To Your Advantage

Do you know what it feels like to be the recipient of feedback that despite best efforts, you cannot put the advice to good use?  You hear things like, “keep up the good work” or “I appreciate your consistent efforts to make everyone feel valued”.  While this type of feedback can leave you feeling appreciated (and sometimes it should), it does very little to advance your career or make you a more effective leader. 

On the flip side, when you ask managers and leaders what they consider to be their most difficult conversations, feedback tops the list. 

But what if leaders and team members had the tools and insights to navigate and manage a conversation that was candid and outcome based, even working remotely or during disruptive times (like a pandemic!)? 

Feedback is important.  Feedback seeking behaviour – as it’s called in the research literature has been linked to higher job satisfaction, greater creativity on the job, faster adaption in a new organization or role, better performance reviews and lower turnover. 

On June 28th we are going to be exploring the impact of feedback and learning how to manage the triggers that derail us from realizing the full benefit of it – even when it generates a knee jerk reaction, makes us uncomfortable or seems harsh.

Join a community of forwarding thinking leaders and managers for our upcoming session, Using Feedback to Your Advantage by registering here.  Special pricing applies until May 31, 2021.  Registration closes on June 18, 2021. Contact us at for group pricing. 
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Ronnalee McMahon
Founder,  Nu Era Talent Development Group

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