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Mentoring increased learning retention: With mentoring, managerial productivity increased by 88% versus 24% with training alone. (ASTD)


Women of Impact Mentoring Program (Lilith 100)

The Women Of Impact Mentoring Program is an eight month development experience designed to equip high performing female professionals with the mentorship, knowledge and insights they need to advance into senior leadership roles and expand their impact on the organization.

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Negotiating for Positive Change

We negotiate every day – from who is going to empty the dishwasher to who is picking up the kids to how much screen time they get. We negotiate with ourselves – should I eat the dessert or stick to my diet? Should I go to the gym or do errands? The question is not whether we negotiate but rather how well we do it. In this lesson you will learn the importance of negotiation and how, by taking a more authentic approach you can achieve a more favourable outcome.

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Critical Choices for Career Success

Improve your career planning and navigate career transitions more successfully. In this course, you will have the opportunity to hear from some of Canada’s most influential business leaders. Discover how to change courses by stepping out of your comfort zone, increase your visibility, be your own best advocate and build a network with authenticity.

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Using Feedback to Your Advantage

The lack of specific feedback undermines our personal and professional effectiveness. In this course, you will learn how feedback can help to improve team performance, increase your impact and strengthen relationships.

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Maximizing Mentorship and Securing Sponsorship

Cultivating a strong network of mentors and sponsors is a critical step for career development and advancement, especially for women, who often miss out. In this session, you will discover how mentorship and sponsorship can help you to gain clarity, reach your next career goal and the importance of getting and staying connected with the people that can support and influence your success.

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Mentoring Effectiveness – A Course for Highly Engaged Mentors

This course is designed for mentors who want to get the most out of the mentoring relationship with their mentees. We provide core knowledge and practical ways for building a mentoring relationship that creates value for both mentoring partners and the organization.

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