Meet The Team

Ronnalee McMahon is a talent development specialist. She is passionate about helping companies create a workplace where people love to work and turning their company culture into their competitive advantage.  Ronnalee knows what it takes to provide an employee learning experience that grows confidence, increases productivity and builds loyalty.  Her deepest desire is to create a more equitable working world.   She has spent close to two decades helping companies elevate high performing female leaders and integrate internationally educated and trained female professionals into the Canadian workplace.  Ronnalee stays energized by helping companies find amazing people and exploring ways to keep them.  She is a past director of the Calgary Girls School, Future Generations Canada and the Sunshine Coast Foundation.  When she is not working to create a really great experience for her client’s employees, she can be found out paddling, exploring a new hiking trail or absorbed in a really good book.   


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Mark is best known for being an attentive listener and for his sound judgment. He loves a challenge and is driven by solutions to problems that are quantifiable and impact people and organizations in significant ways.  With close to three decades of accounting and project management experience in the corporate and not for profit sectors, Mark brings a wealth of experience and insights to the table when helping companies create solutions for attracting and keeping awesome people – keeping the bigger picture of cost control and maximizing employee performance at the forefront of all of his recommendations. 

Clients rely on Mark for providing solutions supported by technology and for his patient demeanor and strategic approach to training team members.  Mark is also the Founder and President of Sagacity Business Services.  Mark’s other interests include cycling, traveling and building really cool things out of Lego with his great nephew, Hayden. 


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