‘This course provided thoughtful material to critically look at yourself and your career. The course is packed with a power house group of female leaders who are ready to share sage advice. It was a great investment in myself and my career.”

Hillary Higgins – Vice President at Brookfield Asset Management

“The course, Navigating Your Career, exceeded my expectations. Thank you for restoring my energy and putting passion back into my career.”

Kate StomperudApplications Manager at A & A Contract Customs Brokers

The Lilith Professional Mentoring Handbook is a highly valuable resource for any protégée invested in her professional success.  It was a great guide to help me shape the mentoring experience and making sure that I realized full value from the relationship.

Reihaneh Irani-Famili, P. Eng MBA Vice President, Business Readiness, National Grid

“Lilith Professional plays a vital role in building strong and economically viable companies and organizations by providing a platform for high performing women aspiring to leadership positions to connect and learn from seasoned leaders outside their own organization. I believe that Lilith Professional can deliver the results that are required to develop the next generation of female leaders and I am pleased to be part of the effort.”

Vineeta Maguire – VP Operations, Encana & Lilith mentor

“I was truly inspired by the contacts we made during the Lilith 100 program and the experiences we had. It was fascinating to meet the other protégées and mentors from differing professional vocations that struggled with or succeeded at overcoming similar barricades on their career paths. I would highly recommend this program to any professional woman and feel the protégée-mentor relationship is invaluable for career growth.”

Jodi WilsonManager, Legal Services & Contracts, ARC Resources Ltd.

“I found the session, Navigating Your Career inspiring. It reminded me to see my career as a trellis rather than a ladder…making peace with certain stages, networking in a way that is natural, taking risks, diversifying my knowledge base and just enjoying the upward yet often unexpected path.”

Erin Gagner – TransCanada Pipelines Limited

I would definitely encourage others to participate in the Maximizing Mentorship and Securing Sponsorship workshop. It was positive and all about possibilities.”

Jen Godecki – Regulatory Research Analyst, Transcanada Corporation

“Maximizing Mentorship and Securing Sponsorship” is an exceptional workshop. The mind map exercise is very helpful.”

Olivia Chung – Senior Technical Engineer, Ontario Power Generation

Ronnalee is friendly and interactive with the group while presenting a workshop that is relevant and useful.”

Ainsley Leween – Executive Director, Kagita Mikam Aboriginal Employment & Training

“As a past beneficiary of Lilith programs as both a mentor and a mentee, I’m thrilled to see a Lilith program offered to young women. The earlier we can empower young women leaders and show them how impactful they can be, the sooner they can forge ahead to blaze new trails and create meaningful change in our world.”

 Jody Johnson – Lawyer, senior counsel, TransCanada

“Ronnalee helped to launch the first New Horizon Mentoring Program for young professionally trained immigrant women, in Calgary. As a funding partner on the project, I had the chance to see, first hand, that Ronnalee’s commitment and passion to developing others is at the heart of everything she does.”

Wafa Kadri – Director, Youth Strategy, Social Innovation, RBC

“The Lilith Leadership Program is diverse in content and varied in delivery, introducing key aspects of leadership development to the protégées. The mentorship and program provides an excellent forum for mentors to contribute to the evolving landscape for women, sharing experiences, which can break down pre-conceived barriers for women to advance as leaders in our workplace and the community. I highly recommend the Lilith Leadership Program.”

Sue Riddell Rose – CEO, Perpetual Energy

“Be it at a gourmet cooking class, being inspired by a panel of accomplished women, or developing my ‘brand’ with my mentor, the Lilith Professional program provided me with wonderful opportunities to connect with intelligent, fascinating, and most importantly, fun women. The various facets of the program enabled me to reflect on my personal and professional goals, which have given me the confidence to move forward in my career. I highly recommend this program to any woman looking to enrich her career journey.”

Colleen Lenahan, P.Eng

Senior Production Engineer, Shell Canada Limited

“The Lilith Mentoring program is highly personalized and a great deal of care is taken in pairing protégés and mentors. Through my relationship with my mentor I received guidance and developed action steps across a wide-range of areas: work-life balance, leadership, transition and advancement. I highly recommend the Lilith Mentoring program for any woman seeking to take her career to the next level.”

Anna Cordner

Senior Analyst, Wholesale Finance Agrium

“I was asked to set up a mentorship program at one of our local hospitals and there really wasn’t anything useful that we could use off the shelf. The Lilith Leadership Assessment takes the awkwardness out of discovering that you and your mentor may see things differently and instead provides a starting point for your discussion and keeps the relationship productive. Mentorship programs often feel like a tick box in an HR plan and are not used strategically for retention, leadership development and succession planning. The assessment provides rigor where none may exist in many organizations.

K. Elliot, Specialist Organizational Effectiveness

“I would like to commend you for your inspiration and hard work in offering the Lilith Mentoring Program to women aspiring to senior levels. I have been impressed by the caliber of the protégées, the high quality of the other mentors, and the open learning environment provided by the program. The opportunity for these young women to learn from the broad experience of seasoned leaders outside of their own organizations is a unique feature of the program. Being part of a network of strong leaders from a variety of companies and professions is a benefit that will last long after the program completes.”

Margaret Byl, Engineer, Executive, Leadership Coach