Nu Era Talent Development Group believes that creating a positive learning experience extends beyond great course content and training materials. It’s about leaving your employees with the motivation and increased confidence to apply their learning in ways that better serve your clients, customers or guests while increasing the level of loyalty and commitment they have to your company.

Our Services

Advisory Services

Need an ear? We are here for you. You can call us anytime to discuss an issue you are facing – everything and anything that pertains to creating a workplace where people love to work.
Examples of the kinds of issues we are contacted about include:

  • High numbers of preventable mistakes
  • Poor employee motivation
  • A lack of diversity in the workplace
  • Unproductive mentoring relationships
  • Improving upon a mentoring program
  • Building awareness about company policies
  • High employee turnover
  • Low employee morale

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Employee Scheduling

An employee-scheduling platform allows employers to track staff budgets and keep an eye on profitability. It reduces the cost of payroll errors and the time and stress associated with manually tracking sick days and vacation time. It makes filling employee’s shifts simpler and tracking hours easier.

Acting as an outsourced team member, we step in when an extra hand is needed to transition you from a paper based system to a customized cloud based one. We will get you up and running with an employee scheduling system that works for you and we won’t leave until your team members have everything they need to comfortably navigate the platform and maximize its benefits.

Onboarding New Employees

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Make it count.

An employee onboarding program goes beyond just showing a new employee to their desk. It helps to acquaint the employee with their new role and understand how they contribute to the goals and success of the organization.
A positive onboarding experience fosters a sense of belonging and affirms a new employee’s decision to join your company. This well thought out approach helps to turn newcomers into inspired and productive employees.  In turn, it helps to reduce the chance of your next rising star accepting a competing offer between the time you interview them and their first day on the job.

Working alongside you, we help you to develop an onboarding program that provides employees with the information they need when they need it rather than leaving them feeling like they are drinking from a fire hose – making it easier to learn and retain information. We start by taking a look inside your organization and presenting a plan for how you can reduce the frustration, stress and confusion for new employees and create an awesome onboarding experience that sets you apart from your competitors.

[ A good onboarding program for new employees can improve new hire retention by more than 80% and increase productivity by 70%. ~ Glassdoor]

Employee Handbooks and Policy Manuals
An employee handbook needs to be more than a dry collection of “do’s” and “don’ts. It should help to clarify the employee’s role and show them how they are important to and valued by the company. It’s a great place to share the company’s philosophy and prepare employees for the journey ahead. It can include photos to lighten things up and put employees at ease by spelling out your company policies in positive terms.

Policy Manuals – Times change – and they change fast we have learned over the past number of years. Safety and re-opening plans and policies can be, at best, a moving target. You need an easy to update employee handbook and policy manual that protects you from potentially harmful litigation in an easy to read and digestible format that reduces stress for employees and positions you as an employer of choice for talented candidates.

We have the experience to help you create an Employee Handbook and Policy Manual that showcases your vibrant culture while protecting you from potentially harmful litigation. Ask us about our flat rate fees.

Mentoring Programs

A mentoring program can be a highly effective way to ease job transitions and help employees chart their career pathways. It’s also a cost effective high impact way to support reskilling and upskilling by transferring valuable knowledge across an organization. 

We’ve lived and breathed mentoring for close to two decades. We work as an extended team member to help you strengthen the ties between your high performing employees and seasoned leaders. We engage your senior staff as part of the program experience as mentors, guest speakers and advisors. 

Our high customizable guides, training and assessments provide mentors and their partners with the practical tools for facilitating the mentoring experience from beginning to end.

Courseware Content Development

Do you need a courseware content development person to help you during the design of a program or course? We help you make sense of all your content to create a high impact in person, virtual or hybrid course.  We engage e-learning development specialists to create custom interactive courses.