Mentoring Programs

For close to 20 years, Nu Era Talent Development Group has been helping companies and organizations from multiple industries across the corporate, non-profit and government sectors strengthen their recruitment and retention strategies by helping to establish employee onboarding and mentoring programs that foster a sense of belonging in the workplace and drive employee engagement.

Our clients adopt mentoring programs to accelerate employee growth and development, fast-track leadership, improve retention, increase diversity, raise morale and attract top talent.

A variety of tools and assessments provide the mentor and mentee with the insights they need to co-create a learning plan to support the mentee’s development and enhance career satisfaction. These goals extend far beyond the technical day- to- day skills to include intangible skills like: critical thinking, decision making, self-confidence and empowering others.

Companies with mentoring programs had profits that were 18% better than average, while those without mentoring programs had profits that were 45% worse than the average. – Forbes

We do not offer off- the- shelf programs but rather take a consultative and custom-built approach to program development. We offer holistic, customized, and practical guidance in a way that resonates with your organizational culture. Nu Era Talent Development Group will work with you at every stage of your program to make it a measurable success.

Design and Implement

We partner with you to design a purpose statement that addresses business issues and defines success. 

We help to implement the program by helping you identify a selection and matching process for participants.  We deliver learning sessions to help participants understand their responsibilities and how to be effective in their roles as mentors and mentees.  

Organizations with mentoring programs in the workplace saw 57% higher employee engagement and retention – Association of Talent Development

Program Check Ins

Regular meetings to review program activity and health.

Evaluating Effectiveness

Using the World Kirkpatrick Model to evaluate success, we work with you to design a four step process for evaluating effectiveness and to make sure that you are on target for a financial return on investment. 

Nu Era Talent Development Group provides various levels of support ranging from initial consultation to fully managed programs. 

If you have any questions or require additional information, please feel free to reach out to us.