Lilith Professional

Vision: To increase women’s participation, fulfillment, value, and leadership in the workplace, leading to greater numbers of women holding senior leadership positions.

Mission: To drive corporate success by ensuring that companies have an adequate representation of women to maximize their company’s performance.

Values: Connect, Challenge, Empower, Impact.

Welcome to the Lilith 100 Program, a testament to Nu Era Talent Development Group’s unwavering commitment to building a more diverse and inclusive working world and ultimately helping companies achieve their business goals.
For close to two decades, companies and organizations have been partnering with Nu Era Talent Development Group to advance high performing women and achieve gender parity. The Lilith 100 Program provides high performing women with the mentors, leadership skills and knowledge they need to increase their leadership effectiveness and impact on their organization.

After witnessing a substantial number of women leaving Calgary law firms in 2008, Lilith Founder, Ronnalee McMahon launched the Lilith Professional Program. “It’s a time when women feel they need to make a choice between partnership and parenthood, Ronnalee told the Calgary Herald. Since that time, the Lilith Professional Program has been expanded to include women across all professions, with an emphasis on women in the accounting, construction, technology, finance and technology sectors. The one-year program opens with a two-day retreat and includes one to one mentoring and a variety of networking and professional development events.

The program has grown from 8 participating companies in 2008 to 59 companies and over 500 participants. Today, the Lilith Professional program is an in house program offered to companies and organizations building diverse and inclusive workplaces – wherever they are on their journey. We engage the company’s seasoned leaders within the organization as part of the program experience – as mentors, guest speakers and advisors. We develop leaders with them – not for them.

How We Work

Acting as an outsourced partner, we work with companies to develop programs that help to strengthen the ties with their high performing employees. We engage the company’s seasoned leaders within the organization as part of the program experience – as mentors, guest speakers and advisors. We don’t develop leaders for you – we develop them with you. We can grow your current initiative or build one for you.

But our work doesn’t stop there. We work with universities, public and private high schools to design leadership summits and mentorship programs that help students gain the valuable experience and advice they need from industry mentors.

Why Nu Era Talent Development Group?

  • Over a decade developing a series of mentoring programs to ensure that companies have the talent they need to maximize their company’s performance.
  • 10,000+ hours invested in research and program development
  • Original pragmatic content specifically designed to set mentors and their partners up for success

Did you Know?

Employees who are in a mentoring relationship are 77% more likely to stay in a job. Thirty five percent of employees who do not receive regular mentoring look for another job within 12 months. Turnover is expensive, time consuming and the loss of knowledge, talent and expertise results in the loss of knowledge, talent and expertise. It has never been more important to offer opportunities for employees to deliver their best, feel more engaged in the workplace and learn and grow. Emerging Workforce study by Spherion, 2012 Mentoring increases learning retention: With mentoring managerial productivity increased by 88% verses 24% with training alone. (ASTD) Mentoring helps keep valuable employees: Over 40% of internal job moves involving high potential employees end in failure. (Harvard Business Review). Losing employees costs 100-300% of the replaced employee’s salary. (Society of Human Resource Management) Our commitment to building diverse and inclusive workplaces runs as deep now as it did ten years ago when we launched our first program in 2008. Contact us now to discuss how we can help to support your mentorship initiative.

The Mentoring Guide For Protégées is a highly valuable resource for any protégée invested in their professional success.  It was a great guide to help me shape the mentoring experience and making sure that I realized full value from the relationship.

Reihaneh Irani-Famili, P. Eng MBA VP, Capital Delivery/Project Management & Construction, National Grid

The Lilith Mentoring program is highly personalized and a great deal of care is taken in pairing protégées and mentors. Through my relationship with my mentor I received guidance and developed action steps across a wide-range of areas: work-life balance, leadership, transition and advancement. I highly recommend the Lilith Mentoring program for any woman seeking to take her career to the next level.

Anna Cordner, Director, Strategy, Nutrien

It’s been a pleasure to be a mentor in the Lilith Professional Program.  The well-defined and somewhat formal planning processes guides participants to maximize their outcomes.  I have found the mentoring sessions to be productive and personally rewarding.  I highly recommend the Lilith Professional Program for high potential protégées and to mentors as well.  It provided a wonderful forum for relationships that support professional development in all areas, personalized to build what is happening on our day to day lives, which makes it relevant and practical.

Sue Riddell Rose
President and CEO – Perpetual Energy Inc