Lilith Mentoring Lab

“When mentoring relationships form without quality training, only one in three will likely succeed”

Professor David Clutterbuck, Coaching and Mentoring International

Are you a female mentor or protégée in a mentoring program ready to embark on a journey of growth and empowerment?  The Lilith Mentoring Lab will get you off to a strong start.

The Lilith Mentoring Lab is a highly interactive and engaging platform to help mentors and protégées co-create a mutually beneficial relationship that takes the protégée’s career to the next level.

What We Believe:

Women do better with the support of women on a similar journey.  For women that are looking for professional success, research suggests there is one thing they can do to increase their chances – surround themselves with women.

Successful mentor-protégée relationships create a positive cycle.  As protégées advance in their careers, they are more likely to pay it forward by becoming mentors themselves, contributing to a continuous cycle of support for women.



Our primary objectives:

  • Understand the significance of female mentorship and its impact on your career development.
  • Evaluate your mentoring skills and create a plan to develop them.
  • Align expectations and establish meaningful connections with your mentoring partner.
  • Gain communication skills to develop a strong mentor/protégée relationship.
  • Identify and overcome potential challenges in your mentoring relationship to maintain a productive partnership.
Why participate in the Lilith Mentoring Lab? 

Research tells us that the first 90 days are a pivotal period for shaping the future of the mentor-protégée relationship. These foundational days lay the groundwork for a lasting partnership and ultimately their personal and professional success. 

The intimate learning environment of the Lilith Mentoring Lab provides participants the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations to shape their mentoring relationship and equips them with the insights, tools, networks, and resources  needed to be successful. 

During the first 90 days, we take mentors and protégées from establishing a strong rapport through gaining a deep understanding of each other’s strengths and areas for growth to establishing meaningful goals and a plan to reach them. 
Our proven history of successful mentor-protégée partnerships reflects our commitment to nurturing talent while advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace.
If you are embarking on a new mentoring initiative or refreshing an existing one, we would love to help you get your mentors and protegees off to a strong start.
Cost $495 per person (minimum 6 participants)
Program can be delivered virtually or on location (travel expenses not included). 
Customized programming available at client’s request. 

Meet your lead facilitator

Ronnalee McMahon is a talent development specialist. She is passionate about helping companies create a workplace where people love to work and turning their company culture into their competitive advantage.  Ronnalee knows what it takes to provide an employee learning experience that grows confidence, increases productivity and builds loyalty.  Her deepest desire is to create a more equitable working world.   She has spent close to two decades helping companies elevate high performing female leaders and integrating internationally educated and trained female professionals into the Canadian workplace.  Ronnalee stays energized by helping companies find amazing people and exploring ways to keep them.  She is a past director of the Calgary Girls School, Future Generations Canada and the Sunshine Coast Foundation.  When she is not working to create a really great experience for her client’s employees, she can be found out paddling, exploring a new hiking trail or absorbed in a really good book.