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Course Description

20 hours
The Women Of Impact Mentoring Program is an eight month development experience designed to equip high performing female managers with the mentorship, knowledge and insights they need to advance into senior leadership roles and expand their impact on the organization.
This program can be offered in a variety of formats (virtual, on-site and blended) to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Why the Women of Impact Mentoring Program?

Prior to the pandemic, companies were starting to see the impact that mentoring programs were having in levelling the playing field for women.  Now, with so much uncertainty in the world and women continuing to shoulder a disproportionate burden from the global health crisis, it’s more important than ever that companies have mentoring programs in place to reduce the real risk of female talent drain. 

The Women of Impact Mentoring Program is designed to make sure that women don’t fall behind with their career plans by providing support for the obstacles they face in climbing the corporate ladder: staying visible, getting their ideas and achievements recognized in a virtual world and establishing boundaries between home and work life. 

You know the talented women at the junior level of your organization and the senior leaders who would make excellent mentors to them and using our multitude of tools and trusted resources, we know how to deliver a valuable mentoring experience for them and your organization.

What are the key features and benefits to the program?

  • A highly successful matching process for participants
  • Lilith Leadership 360 Assessment*
  • Eight months curated mentorship experience with built in feedback and accountability loops
  • Four, 90 minute learning sessions:
    – Maximizing Mentorship and Securing Sponsorship
    – Leading with Confidence, Impact and Influence
    – Using Feedback to Your Advantage
    – Navigating Your Career
  • Personal support from a mentor who can provide fresh insights and serve as a trusted partner as you chart your course and implement your leadership strategy

The Women of Impact Mentoring Program takes a pragmatic and cohort based approach to programming by providing participants with the opportunity to acquire knowledge in a safe and supportive environment, apply new ways of thinking and evaluate their impact.

Participants in the Women of Impact Mentoring Program will acquire the ability to:

  • Understand their best qualities and how others perceive them as a leader
  • Engage others by leaning into and leveraging their strengths
  • Use feedback to their advantage
  • Communicate and negotiate for positive outcomes
  • Build and leverage networks by engaging with authenticity
  • Gain compliance and commitment from others by being a master collaborator

*Lilith Leadership Assessment is based on eight (8)competencies and is grounded in over a decade of research with successful female leaders.  The Lilith Leadership Assessment is designed to give women a clear picture of their strengths and development needs.  The Lilith Interpretive Report summarizes the 360 degree feedback from the Lilith Leadership Assessment and helps to establish purpose and goals for the mentoring relationship. 

Program Schedule:

Welcome – Maximizing Mentorship and Securing Sponsorship
Includes Program Overview – All participants
90 minutes (virtual, cohort based)

Leading with Confidence, Impact and Influence
90 minutes (virtual, on demand) – All participants

Mentoring Check In
All participants

Using Feedback to Your Advantage and Communicating for Positive Change
90 minutes (virtual, on demand)

Navigating Your Career
90 minutes – All participants – (virtual, cohort based)

All participants

Instructional Method: Powerpoint, video, group discussion and interactive exercises will be used in this course.

Cohort Education – Our cohort learning model and proven curriculum allows us to tackle your obstacles and challenges as they arise. This style of learning fosters strong connections between you, your peers, mentor and instructor. Collaborate through engaging conversations that build trust from bonds. This model ensures that all participants are engaged, seen, heard and understood.

No need to wait until the end of the course to see results. You will see positive changes and results that support your professional goals and growth as a leader at every step!

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